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Taxis are another means of transport in Cracow. There are several taxi services operating in the city. Information concerning contacting details, taxi ranks in the city, prices, terms of service and other forms of transport of people is available on the websites:,get,id,81,title,Taksowki-i-przewoz-osob.html (Polish version),get,id,305,title,Taxis-and-car-transport.html (English version)

Some drivers speak foreign languages. You should ask for service in a foreign language while ordering a taxi.

• Radio Taxi 919, tel.: 919
• Radio Taxi „Dwójki”, tel.: 9622, 012 422-50-80, 012 413-11-34
• Robert Zwoliński, Radio Taxi – „PARTNER”, tel.: (+48) 508-197-434
• Taxi – Cab MIKE, tel.: 517-746-576

Some companies accept orders via SMS or mobile application:

• Taxi Serwis KRK (Interurban transport), phone or sms (+48) 692 800 800
• Taxi Kraków Matrix, phone or sms (+48) 507 359 121
• Taxi VIP, phone or sms (+48) 882 222 555
• Radio Taxi, tel. (+48) 12 9661, free telephone line: (+48) 800 400 400 or SMS

In a message, you should give the address and the time you wish the taxi to come  (you can order a taxi in advance).

Attention! Passengers should be careful about taxi prices. There are still some taxi drivers who do not care about good reputation ans set exaggerated prices. Tipping taxi drivers is not a common practice in Poland.