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Refugee status granting procedure is unitary across the whole country. The application should be submitted in the Office for Foreigners in Warsaw. Detailed information concerning the law, procedure and application can be found in Legal Informattin> Refugees on the all Poland site of Info Migrator.

Any persons applying for refugee status; persons waiting for the decision, that have insufficient funds for the basic needs like accommodation may reside in the refugee centre (application for such accommodation is obligatory). Foreigners who are able to cover their living costs on their own, can stay outside the refugee centre.

Waiting for the Decision

During the refugee procedure, foreigners may receive psychological, medical and social help – within the refugee centers as well as outside them. Freoigners residing within Lesser Poland Voivodeship may also receive such support. All information concerning these help, foreigners will receive in one of two refugee centers in Poland (Biała Podlaska or Dębak); centers they are obliged to pay a visit to within 2 days of making an application for refugee status.

After the Decision

A foreigner who has received a refugee status or subsidiary protection receives some basic rights i.e. a right to stay in Poland and travel abroad; work permit and permission for business activity; education right’ social welfare support and integration support.

Integration Support

Integration support is provided within individual foreigners integration support programmes. Such programmes (for which in Cracow is responsible Municipal Social Welfare Centre) cover individual, or family financial benefits (granted monthly) for Polish language courses – provided to persons with some protections. application for such aid should be submitted in Municipal Social Welfare centre (Miejski Ośrodek Pomocy Społecznej; MOPS):

Social-Welfare Centre

14 Józefińska St, 30-529 Cracow

tel.: (+48 12) 616-54-27

fax: (+48 12) 616-54-28



Persons on tolerated stay (and third country nationals or citizens of European Industrial Area) may apply for benefits from social welfare, in a social welfare centre according to their place for residence.

Social Welfare Centre provides also professional counseling.

Foreigners with refugee status, or those under subsidiary protection may benefit from family, care, and... Application for such help should be submitted in the town Hall according to the place of residence.

Urząd Miasta Krakowa dla dzielnic I-VII (Śródmieście, Krowodrza)
al. Powstania Warszawskiego 10; 31-549 Kraków
tel.: (+48 12) 616-91-01 lub (+48 12) 616-91-04

Urząd Miasta Krakowa dla dzielnic VIII – XIII
ul. Wielicka 28a; 30-552 Kraków
tel.: (+48 12) 616-57-00 lub (+48 12) 616-57-01

Urząd Miasta Krakowa dla dzielnic XIV - XVII
os. Zgody 2; 31-949 Kraków
tel.: (+48 12) 616-87-23 lub (+48 12) 616-87-34

ICORN – International Cities of Refugee Network

Since 2011, Cracow has been a member of the International Cities of Refugee Network ICORN. A number of writers had found shelter in Cracow thanks to this programme: Russian female writer, a deportee from Norway; Egyptian Kareem Amera; Iranian Mostafa Zamanin.